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The IMPRA Jazz Festival is a jazz festival that elevates multidisciplinary art forms by women, non-binary and transgender people.

Since 2006, IMPRA has supported and highlighted musicians who identify as women, transgender and non-binary who are active in jazz and improvisational music. In 2021, IMPRA launched its own jazz festival with a focus on elevating music in jazz and improvisation and after the success of the IMPRA Jazz Festival 2021, IMPRA continued to develop its activities and in 2022 the second edition of the IMPRA Jazz Festival 2022 was arranged.

“A festival like this is needed to be able to show both young aspiring musicians and people in the industry that there are an incredible number of professional female, trans and non-binary musicians. The male genius is still used as a yardstick and when we did statistics in the association, we see a skewed distribution at the jazz festivals that exist in Sweden." - Sofia Lärkfors, Project Manager for IMPRA Jazz Festival.

Feel free to check out our festival archive below!

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Collaborators and contributors in 2021
With support from Byggnad's culture fund, Helge Ax:son Johnson's foundation and Laila and Charles Gavatin's foundation for jazz music.
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Collaborators and contributors in 2022
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