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Example text: Now it is time for IMPRA and SJR's project Perfect Harmony to set out in Sweden again. This time Jeanette Lindström follows with a new band, Cecilia Wennerström/Ann Blom Duo and Karin Inde with. And in addition to the musicians, there is a unique photo exhibition with female musicians through the ages in the tour bus! Welcome to Bollnäs (21/4), Piteå (22/4), Haparanda (23/4) and Norrköping (24/4 – at the same time as the National Jazz Day! ).Furthermore, plans are already being made for an autumn trip. Booked bands are Maggi Olin's and Ingrid Jensen's Nordic Connect and Midaircondo! More info at contact Fredrik Norén, SJR 0706-414947 or Karin Inde, IMPRA 0704-447228
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