What is IMPRA?
IMPRA is an organization and active network that was founded on April 2, 2006 by Lina Nyberg Ljungkvist and Gunilla Törnfeldt (p. Hedin), two of the leading female improvisational artists in Sweden.

IMPRA is not a women’s organization, but our primary purpose is to support and promote female jazz/improvisation/electronica/alternative musicians, especially because there is a significant shortage of them in these genres.

IMPRA is open to everyone who shares the organization’s goals and visions, regardless of gender, sexual preference, or ethnic origin. The name ”IMPRA” is a wordplay combining ”improvisation” with a feminine ending.

IMPRA’s vision is a music scene where the focus is on the music, musicians, and composers. An arena where everyone has the same opportunities to practice their profession, regardless of gender, sexual preference, or ethnic origin. Woman to IMPRA includes trans*!

What does IMPRA do?

-identifies and brings attention to female musicians.
-offers basic and continued education in gender issues for those who are active in the music field (teachers, musicians, students, and decision-makers).
-arranges seminars and discussion forums.
-hosts an internet discussion forum for those active in the music field.
-distributes a newsletter for members regarding available scholarships and grants, members performances, and other important information.
-organizes regular networking meetings in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.
-acts as a support and liaison center for members.
-serves as a platform for members? project ideas.
-encourages public debate about gender issues in the music world.

Discrimination is a potent word that can be associated with, for example, sexual harassment or disregarded job applications. However, discrimination is also found in more subtle contexts throughout every societal structure, and within patterns engrained in all members of society, regardless of gender.
IMPRA aims to inform about and discuss this phenomenon.


Everyone is welcome to be a member regardless of gender, sexual preference, or ethnic origin.
Please deposit 200-500 SEK or 100-300 SEK (student price) in IMPRA´s plusgirokonto: 301981-7 (IBAN: SE50 9500 0099 6026 0301 9817 BIC: NDEASESS) Swish 1235441597.
IMPORTANT: include your name on the message line.
Also, please send an e-mail to medlem@impra.se and include your full name, instrument/s (if you play), and your place of residence, so we can verify your membership and payment.
The membership fee goes towards keeping the website active and updated, as well as supporting all other IMPRA activity.

Board of Directors:

Chairman: Sara Karkkonen

Vice Chairman: Julia Schabbauer

Secretary: Chi Westfelt

Treasure: Sara Kowalski

Board Members:

Johan Björklund, Elin Andersson, Henning Ullén, Agnes Persson, Amanda Ginsburg