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What is IMPRA?

IMPRA is a non-profit association whose main purpose is to support and promote musicians who identify as women, transgender and non-binary who are active in jazz and improvisational music.

The association is open to
EVERYONE who shares our goals and visions!

We want to see festival programmes, jazz club bookings and live stages with equal gender distribution and a good representation of musicians with different experiences.

Our vision   is an inclusive and safe musical life free from discrimination and exclusion.

Our goal is that IMPRA should not have to exist.


Linnea Henriksson

artist & composer

"For me, IMPRA has given me incredibly valuable contacts to be able to establish myself as a musician. I have made friends who shared tips and ideas that I never received during my music education. It has been an injection of inspiration and given me hope for a future as a musician where I am seen as an asset, not as a competitor, which is an attitude I myself will always carry forward. IMPRA has also made me want to get involved in developing the music scene for others as well, which I know I'm not alone in.”

Sofia Jernberg

singer & composer

"IMPRA has become a network where female musicians in a wide range of genres connect with each other and collaborate - priceless! (Many women may feel alone as they are in the minority in this context).
IMPRA is an organizer that presents music regularly all over the country with women in artistic management - that makes IMPRA unique and modern! It is always great fun to come to an IMPRA club. You meet a different audience than usual - usually quite a young audience aged 18-30 and the majority women."

Magnus Thuvesson Program manager for Älmhult Music&Arts

former chairman Swedish Jazz

"IMPRA has meant a great deal as a collaboration partner to Swedish Jazz. The jazz field has a huge need for initiatives for gender equality and I dare say that before IMPRA there was almost no serious work on the issue. The association was met with great skepticism from some quarters and it is remarkable how the issue has gained an obvious place on the agenda. The skeptics have had to take a big step back. IMPRA has influenced Swedish Jazz in a positive direction when it comes to this work and without IMPRA as a partner, our equality work will be greatly weakened!"
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