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The IMPRA list

The IMPRA list is a list of active musicians in Sweden who do not identify as men. One of IMPRA's main tasks is to map and make visible active women, trans people and non-binary people on the Swedish jazz scene, and we do this, among other things, through the IMPRA list, which has existed since the organization's start in 2006.
The purpose of the list is to connect musicians, arrangers and composers in order to broaden and show the diversity of the Swedish jazz and improvisation scene. Maybe this is where you find your next booking for your concert series, or connect with a new fellow musician for your future project.
The list is continuously updated and then sent out to Swedish Jazz-affiliated jazz clubs and organizers, so that we can have a concrete influence on the booking work around the country.
The list is aimed at and welcomes professional and long-term professional musicians and composers, full-time or part-time, who can also demonstrate clear artistic goals and ambitions.
When you are on the list, you have a responsibility to notify IMPRA's board if your conditions for being a professional change. The IMPRA list is "quality stamped" by the IMPRA board and it is therefore important that it is always current and updated.

  • Marketing through our website and social media as well as via mailings to organizers at each new season.

  • Free entry to our jazz clubs; Klubb Kom In in Gothenburg and Lupino Live in Stockholm.

  • A nationwide network of musicians and composers, through the list's other members.

  • Publicity at artistic and music political events where IMPRA markets its activities, e.g. at fairs, organizational meetings and panel debates.

As published on the IMPRA list, you get:

Amanda Ginsburg_028_ - Amanda Ginsburg_edited.jpg
Press image 2.jpg
Iris Bergcrantz (bw)_edited.jpg
Kari Sjöstrand (bw).jpg
Channa Riedel (bw).jpg
Karin Johansson (bw).jpg
Karolina Almgren (bw).jpg
Stína Ágústsdóttir (bw).jpg
Merje Kägu (bw).jpg
Linda Bergström (bw).jpg
Lina Nyberg (bw).jpeg
Photo Niklas Bergström - Linnea Jonsson 2.jpg
Carolina Wallin Pérez (bw).jpeg
What We Know_030__edited.jpg
Helena Nordin (bw).jpg
Matilda Andersson (bw).jpg
Sofia Lärkfors (bw).JPG
Stina Hellberg Agback (bw).jpg
Julia Schabbauer (bw).jpg
Birgitta Flick.jpg
Amanda Karström (bw).jpg
Emma Augustsson (bw).jpg
Ida Karlsson Wretling (bw).jpg
Emeli Ek (bw).jpg
Gunilla Törnfeldt (bw).jpg
Malin Almgren (bw).jpg
Agnes Kofoed Christianson (bw).jpg
Nanna Carling 1_2022_edited.jpg
Ilaria Capalbo (bw).jpeg
Martina 5_Annika Clarholm_edited.jpg
Fanny Gunnarsson (bw).jpg
Sofie Norling (bw).jpg
Agnes Darelid_015 1 - Agnes Darelid_edited.jpg
Xenia Kriisin (bw).JPG
Isabell Gustafsson-Ny (bw).jpg
Maria Dahlin, photo Lars Åsling - Maria Dahlin_edited.png
Monica photo in red - Johannes Dominique_edited.jpg
_hirezedit-0481 - ebba westerberg_edited.jpg
Copy of Rigmor IMPRAlistan.png
IMPRA_Virr B square spot small.jpg
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