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Karolina Almgren

Saxophonist, composer & arranger

Karolina Almgren grew up outside Gothenburg but now lives in Malmö. There she works as a freelance musician and composer. She also teaches saxophone, ensemble, composition and arranging at the Jazz line at Fridhem Folkhögskola. Karolina has composed and arranged commissioned works for the big bands Bohuslän Big Band and the Arctic Youth Jazz Orchestra.

Karolina can be heard in the bands: Sisters of Invention, Karolina Almgren Projekt, KAALM, Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet.

In 2016 Sisters of Invention won the Euro Radio Jazz Competition in Amsterdam and in 2017 they won SR P2's prize Jazzkatten as group of the year. Karolina was nominated for the Jazzkatten award as musician of the year in 2017 and composer of the year in 2019.

Current projects

Sisters of Invention

Karolina Almgren Project




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