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Channa Riedel

Singer & composer

Channa Riedel is a singer, composer and cultural writer. In the fall of 2019, the seven-piece band Beloved's debut album Så tam natten dig again was released on Abrovinsch Records with Channa's settings of poems written by poets such as Vladimir Majakovskij, Juliana Spahr, Stig Dagerman and Channa herself. The collective arrangements of Swedish, Russian, Palestinian and American poetry present musical stories with tracks by Liberation Music Orchestra, Victor Jara, Kurt Weill and Robert Wyatt. The record is a hub for jazz, prog and wise and is based on experiences such as flight, struggle, exile, love.

Channa Riedel writes about literature, politics and music for magazines such as JAZZ, Arbetaren, Expressen and GP. Active in Stockholm.

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