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Maria Dahlin

Drummer & composer

Maria Dahlin is a drummer from Umeå who has been living and working in Gothenburg since 2014. She is primarily active as a jazz and improvisational musician, but also plays pop, rock and folk music. Maria has studied at Birka and Skurup folk high school, the University of Theater and Music in Gothenburg, as well as an exchange semester in Trondheim. With a passion for exploring drumming in a playful, swinging and sound-aware way, she tackles the music. "It turns not only cruel but also very personal." (Thomas Millroth, Orkesterjournalen 2022) Maria appears in many different constellations on the music stages and is, among other things, current with the bands Toppklass, Mappe3, Fartyg 6, KBK3, Francesca Vincentie and Malin Wättring. She has toured with Riksteatern's performance Landsbygdsupproret (2022) and made the musical Lucky Stiff at the Ballet Academy (2022). Maria also does solo concerts. Maria is a co-composer in the jazz trio Toppklass and has also composed big band music for the Bohuslän Big Band in the Up&Coming project.

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