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Lovisa Jennervall

Singer, composer & arranger

Lovisa Jennervall is a Stockholm-based singer, composer and arranger. She has a bachelor's degree in jazz from the Royal Academy of Music and before that also studied at Liljeholmen's and Lunnevad's folk high schools.

Lovisa runs/is involved in the projects Lovisa Jennervall, Lovisa Jennervall Wind Ensemble, Ellas Kapell, Stockholm Swingkollektiv and Sture Kvintett. She has released a total of four records and is in the process of recording two more. With Ellas Kapell, she won the 2020 Golden Disc readers' vote and received many great reviews.

"Lovisa Jennervall is still the thing about this band.[…] It's like the classically jazzy phrasing and
the timing comes quite naturally.” - Dan Backman, SvD

"Speculating on who will be our next jazz star is a difficult job. The music industry is, as we all know, a rather unpredictable phenomenon. Having said this, I am prepared to put a penny on the fact that the singer and composer Lovisa Jennervall will soon appear on the big stages." - Johan Jacobsson Franzén, Orkesterjournalen

In March 2021, Lovisa had the honor of writing an arrangement for the Blue House Jazz Orchestra, under the direction of Magnus Lindgren and Peter Asplund.

Current projects

Lovisa Jennervall

Ella's Chapel

Lovisa Jennervall Wind Ensemble



Photographer: Elvira Glänte

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