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Terese Lien Evenstad

Violinist, jazz musician & songwriter

Terese Lien Evenstad is a violinist, composer and band leader. Her energetic and dynamic compositions draw inspiration from film music and folk music, where an open and playful approach characterizes the band's performances. Together with pianist Fabian Kallerdahl, bassist Arvid Jullander and drummer Peter Danemo, Terese Lien Evenstad forms a band with emotional violin jazz as a signature.

"Impressively strong compositions with lyrical melodies that provide a starting point for fine solo efforts"
- Dan Backman, SvD, 2020
“Speaks to all our hearts and minds.” -Jakobsson, Orkesterjournalen, 2020

Current projects

Terese Lien Evenstad Quartet

Stockholm Jazz Strings

The Jazzcats



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