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Isabell Gustafsson-Ny

Pianist & composer

Isabell Gustafsson-Ny is a pianist and composer raised in Gagnef, now based in Stockholm. She is primarily active in jazz/improv and has a particular interest in music as a platform for artistic exploration. In April 2020, she released her second album Rotsystem - a work consisting of music as well as lyrics and visual art that examines the concept of home. The album was named one of the best jazz records of 2020 by Lira. Isabell often and willingly works in close collaboration with the artist Johanna Hästö, and can be seen behind the synths with, among others, Sara Parkman.

Press votes about Rotsystem:
"A large-scale work of art with a strong soundscape" - Bo Bjelvehammar, Opulens (2020).

"But regardless of how little or how much she herself plays, she participates in every measure played. Her breath can be heard right through the music. […] At first listen, I thought the album Rotsystem contained accessible, pleasant folk jazz. But every time I listen, the music digs deeper and deeper into itself and into me. I hear more, more and more…” - Bengt Eriksson, Lira (2020).

"Isabell Gustafsson-Ny may have moved from Gagnef, but she hasn't moved from her musical foundation and that's the result" - Lennart Götesson, Dala-Demokraten (2020).

"The folk musical heritage rests securely in her music, but so does the improvisational one." - Rikard Rehnbergh, Orkesterjournalen (2020).


Current projects

Isabell Gustafsson-Ny - Root system

Gustafsson-Ny/Hästö - Improvisation in piano and drawing



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