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Helena Nordin

Composer & singer

Helena Nordin is a composer, singer and artist who first started performing in dance, theater and singing. She grew up in Hudiksvall, where she started studying jazz. After that, she has several different educations in jazz; among others the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and Piteå Academy of Music. She also has a bachelor's degree in vocal technique/pedagogy from the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen.

Her self-written music is built on a common thread of moving lyrics as well as music in the styles of jazz and folk music.

She has worked as a freelance musician in various parts of Sweden and Copenhagen. Right now she is current with her latest album "Vitvinge" and the EP "In Wintertime" which came out in December 2020. Helena Nordin is active in Piteå, Hudiksvall, Stockholm, Gothenburg.


Current projects

Anna Arco

Anna Berglund and Anton Dromberg

Nordsno Ensemble


Helena Nordin


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