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Lisa Grotherus

Clarinetist, singer and composer

Clarinetist, singer and composer Lisa Grotherus is praised for her emotional and poignant music. With a background in jazz, she moves freely between genres such as folk, world music and chamber music. She often works with different art forms such as poetry, dance and theater on stages such as Dramaten and Stockholm Stadsteater. Grotherus has been awarded a number of scholarships and awards, including SKAP's jazz prize.


Lisa Grotherus has released two albums under her own name. The debut Dekontee (2018) which was named the year's best jazz record by Lira magazine and one of the ten best albums of the year by Göteborgsposten. As well as the latest album Music from My Story (2023), which contains compositions from Sveriges Radio and Dramaten's collaborative project My Story on Stage.

Current projects

Lisa Grotherus kvintett

Lisa Grotherus & Emma Augustsson

Kajan Flyger



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