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Sophie Norling

Singer & composer

Sofie Norling is a singer, composer and lyricist living in Stockholm, originally from Söderhamn. Sofie is popular for her heartfelt vocal improvisations, intense stage presence and ability to create an intimate relationship with the audience. She is active in several bands and projects such as Nuaia, David's Angels Feat. Ingrid Jensen (US), Psalm i Jazzton, Quiet Nights Orchestra, Sofie Norling Band and she has played at several international jazz festivals in the USA, Canada and as a solo artist in Japan. Sofie Norling is active in Stockholm, Malmö and Copenhagen.

"Sofie Norling's poetic texts are spells that tell of interpersonal encounters with balance of power and stumbling blocks, a coexistence that is angular and difficult to handle. Her performance is musically dramatic with strong presence and charged gestures." SvD - Ingrid Strömdahl".

Current projects

David's Angels


Psalm in Jazztone



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