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Malin Almgren

Drum set & composer

Malin Almgren is a drummer with a wide range of genres who can be heard in everything from narrow jazz to dance-friendly disco-pop. Together with her sister, she runs the award-winning duo Sisters of Invention, which has collaborated with several well-known names such as Ida Sand, Håkan Broström, Mai Leiz, Jacob Karlzon and others. Malin is also active as a composer. Her music is mainly found in the catalog of the duo Sisters of Invention, which includes both jazz and pop. Malin has also written two commissioned big band productions; from Norrbottenmusiken's youth big band AYJO and Vara Konserthus Bohuslän Big Band.

We find her drumming behind Gothenburg favorites such as Steget, Det Brinner and Henning. When she is not playing, she runs the record company Oh Yeah Records together with her family. Malin Almgren is active in Gothenburg.


Current projects

Sisters of Invention

Karolina Almgren Project



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