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Anna Lundqvist

Sångerska & kompositör
Stockholm (Lissabon)

Anna Lundqvist is a singer and composer in the jazz genre and has been active since 2000. Active as a musician, composer freelances in various projects as a sideman and lectures on singing, improvisation and composition both in Sweden and Portugal.


Anna was born in 1977 in Stockholm but grew up in Mellerud in Dalsland. She is educated in Aesthetic Music at Sundsta/Älvkullegymnasiet in Karlstad and the Jazz musician line at Skurups Folkhögskola.

She has seven critically acclaimed records under her belt, five of which together with the Anna Lundqvist Quintet: Borderline fiesta (2009), City (2010), Before you I was almost fine (2012), Ten (2015) and MEWE (2017), which was also nominated to the Manifest Gala, category Jazz of the Year 2018. Since then, she has released Reunion (2020) together with the pianist Jonas André and Sou Anna (2023) with her Portuguese quintet Anna Lundqvist Lisboa Cinco.

She has also published two sheet music books with her own material The Anna Lundqvist Songbook (2015) and Like a moth to a flame (2019) which is music for violin and marimba.

Current projects

Anna Lundqvist Lisboa Cinco


Anna Lundqvist & Jonas André

Anna Lundqvist Quintet



Photographer: Diana Tinoco 

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