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Agnes Kofoed Christianson

Composer, singer & performance artist

Agnes Kofoed Christianson is a composer, singer and performance artist. She is a trained singer at Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen. Her experimental music with free tonality and rhythmic complexity is performed in musical performances with theatrical elements in interaction with free improvisation and Arabic songs.

Agnes Kofoed Christianson composes for her own projects, chamber ensembles, free improvising musicians, musicians in Arabic and theater performances. Works with avant-garde recordings where she investigates different instruments.

Agnes Kofoed Christianson has lived in Malmö, Copenhagen for several years but is now based in Stockholm. She has also been active in Egypt since 2017 and does artistic collaborations for her artistry and traditional Arabic music and art. Agnes Kofoed Christianson was awarded Young Swedish Composer 2021.

Current projects

Al-Raman Amana


Arabic music project, Fairuz


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