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IMPRA at Sthlm Jazz!

IMPRA arranges in collaboration with Stockholm Jazz Festival, More jazz in Sweden and Royal. The Academy of Music a course in gender and equality for educators during the festival days in July: Balance in music teaching. If you attend all four seminars, you get 1.5 university credits with a degree certificate! The seminar will include the "ABC of equality", gender in ensemble methodology (Gunilla Hedin, now Gunilla Törnfeldt, talks about her thesis and leads a discussion on the subject), Musician's studio with great musicians from the festival and much more. The seminars will be held in Moderna Muséet's premises in connection with Stockholm Jazz, but you apply for the course via Kungl. The Academy of Music. More information to follow! The course is free!
On September 7, 2008, IMPRA is part of the national network Swedish Jazz, which during the autumn launches the campaign "Let jazz inside the fence" with a manifesto which, among other things, demands
  • A main stage and regional centers for Swedish jazz
  • A solid investment in jazz organisers
  • Development support for jazz musicians
More information will be available on the website for the network
Swedish Jazz.

Manifesto for jazz

IMPRA starts its own in Denmark!

IMPRA now also exists in Denmark as an independent sister association! It will be celebrated with a birthday party for IMPRA DK at Jazzhouse in Copenhagen on November 24.
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