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MUSIC TEACHING ON EQUAL CONDITIONS 3 credits 9-12 June at SkeppsholmenUnique continuing education days during the Stockholm Jazz Festival about gender equality and gender awareness in music life. How can you as a teacher create an ensemble activity for everyone? Can you create an environment that makes everyone dare and develop? Stockholm Jazz Festival together with the Royal Academy of Music hereby invites music teachers in rhythmic music (jazz, pop, rock, folk etc) regardless of school type (primary school, culture school, high school, higher education) to four unique continuing education days during the summer jazz festival in Stockholm.

Discounted festival tickets, 1150 for a three-day pass and 430 for one-day tickets for those who participate in the course. Guest musicians from the festival will, subject to space, participate in connection with an artist panel.
More info and registration (NOTE! May 15 at the latest)
Stockholm Jazz Festival:

For questions, contact me on 070-3401161 or Ola Bengtsson/KMH on 0706-727081.

Warm greetings
Karin Kjellberg
Equality debate at KUR!
This year's Jazzkatt nominations ready
Musician of the year
Erika Angell (formerly Alexandersson), Nina De Heney, Jacob Karlzon, Lina Nyberg, Jonas Östholm

Group of the year
Josefine Lindstrand, MusicMusic Music, Oddjob, The Stoner, Yun Kan 10

Newcomer of the Year
Kristin Amparo, Elin Larsson, Chris Montgomery, Sarah Riedel, Naoko Sakata

The golden cat
Bengt Berger, Anders Jormin. Bernt Rosengren, Raymond Strid, Bengt Arne Wallin

Composer of the year
Johan Berke, Fabian Kallerdahl, Josefine Lindstrand, Fredrik Ljungkvist, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist
Discussion on the situation of jazz musicians

Discussion about the jazz musicians' situation is currently underway on OJ's website:

The debate began with this article by IMPRA's chairman Lina Nyberg, and then followed a panel debate in SR's Mitt i Musiken:

The Swedish Jazz network (which also includes IMPRA) has been working for a year trying to get politicians to pay attention to jazz's overlooked position. At the end of last year, Bosse Ringholm (S) discussed this with the Minister of Culture Lena Adelson Liljeroth -

To clarify the inequality between the institutions and the free musical life, some figures come from the Cultural Council -
(the distribution is about the same now)
Regional County Music Foundations SEK 458 million,
Swedish National Concerts 69 million,
Regional Orchestras 433 million,
Opera House 829 million,
Free Music Groups 10 million,
Organizing music associations approx. 40 million,
Phonogram support 7 million

(Support for jazz music is included in free music groups /Arr.Musikför./Phonogramstöd and to some extent Länsmusiken)
IDA LUPINO - A new jazz club is born!

Ida Lupino is the name of the new club in Stockholm run by IMPRA.

IDA LUPINO - is a club that each time has an artist as the protagonist who, in addition to playing himself, invites one of his favorite bands/artists and a DJ.

Read more about Ida Lupino here:

Ida Lupino is an IMPRA production in collaboration with Högkvarteret and the Youth Board.

17/3 Lina Nyberg

4/21 Carolina Wallin Perez

12/5 Erika Angell

Närkesgatan 8
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