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Many people think that because we work hard and a lot, we are a workplace with employees. That is not the case. We work with the resources we have, which are membership fees and any project grants and association grants when we have applied for and been granted. So we need every single member! Hope you want to join us in the fight ahead. We have achieved A LOT but have a long way to go.

mvh Anna Lundqvist, chairman IMPRA

LUPINO LIVE våren 2015 ✿✿✿ 
Lupino Live kicks off May 3 with a concert evening at TeaterStudio Lederman's Lilla Scen.
Come and hear a two-part concert with two fantastic acts!
Sara and Samantha - Feminist and anti-nationalist folk music for the people
& fantastic Jazz Trio with Maria Kvist, Felisia Westberg and Anna Lund.
Sunday 3/5 at 19.00
Price: SEK 50 (NOTE! Cash only!)
The next occasion will be at Jazzklubb Fasching on May 27 with the Norwegian trio MOSKUS and the Gothenburg band Water boogie system!!
Feminist and anti-nationalist folk music for the people!
Sara Parkman and Samantha Ohlanders are some of Sweden's best folk musicians. A bit like Kalle Moraeus juniors but feminists and tougher. After years at rural folk college, royal music college and cooking lessons from your favorite aunties and old men, they are now professionals in their discipline and deliver Swedish anti-nationalist folk music in a swinging and fancy way. It's old meets new as the industry usually says, songs from Ångermanland and Hälsingland in mash up with songs from 2015.
For five years, Parkman and Ohlanders have toured around Sweden with the performance "En folkmusikalisk shåw" which has played around 100 times in clubs, festivals, folk parks, theater stages and has been heard on Sweden's Radio P3 and P2, among others.
After the success of the folk music show, they are now doing a new concert performance that has been heard, among other things, at Bingsjöstämman and Sápmi Pride in Kiruna and has been played in Belgrade, Paris and Oslo. During 2015, the duo is up to date with a European tour, a larger collaboration with the Riksteatern and gigs around Sweden and the Nordics. They are also nominated for this year's tradition bearer 2015 at the Folk and World Music Festival and their debut album will be released in the autumn.
Parkman and Ohlanders manage the art of bringing folk music dressed in folk costume into new contexts where folk music traditionally has not moved, which makes them pioneers in the contemporary cultural scene in Sweden today. Their music is heard in village halls and nightclubs and with feminist and anti-nationalist messages they bring folk music into Sweden in 2015.
They are so funny that they have been honored with their own humor program on Sweden's Radio P3, so wise that they are asked to lead seminars and discussions regarding tradition and folk culture, and they play the violin with great clarity, swing and brilliance.
"It's a type of fact-packed, political humor that most closely brings to mind Liv Strömqvist. Both have perfect control over both instruments and pieces of music, and together they form an almost organic string duet"
- Tobias Bernander, Hälsingetidningar
Audition, the musical Chicago, and almost a year later, Maria Kvist, Anna Lund and Felicia Westberg have played 4-5 nights a week together at Stockholm's Stadsteater together with 9 other musicians.
Jazz, improvisation and a lot of snus is another thing they have in common and an unrestrained joy of playing.
It will be a swirling, expressive and energetic concert with original music and the occasional loan.
Jämtland pianist, singer and composer MARIA KVIST has three solo records released with her quartet. Works a lot with the saxophonist Cecilia Wennerström, most recently with the acclaimed record Lydian mars. Current this year is a Legrand tribute with the singer Linda Pettersson, festival performers with her own group in i.a. Estonia and is conductor and pianist in the musical Chicago in Stockholm.
FELISIA WESTBERG At 21 years old, she has already been awarded by, among others, SKAP, the Charlie scholarship for her bass playing. Plays with the reggae band "partiet", which has received a lot of attention, not least for the record "super election year". Played with Magnus Öhrström, Daniel Karlsson and others and since 2014 is double bassist in the musical Chicago in Stockholm.
ANNA LUND on drums participates in a variety of contexts and groups such as with Lisa Ullen, Elin Larsson, Naoko Sakata Anna Lundqvist brass magic to name a few, and has been the drummer at Stockholm's city theater in the musical Chicago for the last year.
Do USA tour spring 2015 with culture in the west
MOSKUS combines a personal and modern expression usually found in far more experienced musicians with an exuberant energy and open-minded openness. Muskus is a dynamic band, to say the least, that alternates between free play, exploratory seriousness, peculiar improvisations and composed songs.
The Norwegian piano trio Moskus was born in the creative environment of the jazz line at the conservatory of music in Trondheim. They have their roots in the fertile soil of chamber jazz, but also draw inspiration from religious hymns as well as avant-garde films and European free jazz! They have been praised by The Guardian, BBC, The Independent and toured extensively in Europe, Japan and Canada. Overall one of the most interesting young bands on the Norwegian jazz scene! Anja Lauvdal – piano, pedal organ, synth, Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson – double bass, Hans Hulbækmo – drums |
WATER BOOGIE SYSTEM has been described as a schizophrenic rollercoaster that gets the adrenaline pumping. They combine progressive jazz, punchy melodies, warped disco beats and improvisation, all in beautifully coordinated pastel colors.
The Gothenburg-based quartet writes their music together, and they often find inspiration for their subtle lyrics in small, tiny notices in newspapers. Since the start in 2011, they have played at the Umeå Jazz Festival, Dølajazz in Lillehammer, and the Match&Fuse festival in Rome, among others. In 2012, they received the award "Jazz debutant of the year" from SR P2 "Jazzlandet". In April 2014, Water Boogie System released its debut album "Greetings", which was recently nominated for Jazz of the Year at the Manifest Gala. Karin Verbaan – voice, Viktor Reuter – double bass, William Soovik – drums, Jonathan Albrektson – keyboard

Right now we are working for high pressure but at the same time on low flame. We depend more than ever on our members and that you pay the membership fee. We would like to have it on the account by the end of February at the latest.

It costs SEK 100 for students and SEK 300 for regular students. Insert it on PG 301981-7 and write your name and the first six digits of your social security number in the message box. If you are a new member, you must fill in your details here so you don't miss our mailings. If you are under 18, it is free, then you just register on the website.

The board's meetings have taken place entirely on Skype, except for this weekend when we were in Gothenburg to see each other "live". We have met with Kultur i Väst to discuss an exciting collaborative project "Women in Jazz" which they initiated and which is carried out in collaboration with us and a jazz festival in Washington.

We have also discussed the future and how we and future boards will be able to work with and pursue gender equality work unpaid. More about this at the annual meeting on 18/4 in Stockholm.

IMPRA centrally administers two clubs today, Klubb Kom In in Gothenburg and Lupino live in Stockholm. We handle bookkeeping and invoicing, booking and production is done by the clubs' local workgroups. The spring program is reportedly underway! Will report back on this.

In Gothenburg, we had also invited several other local organizers with similar plans and agendas to network and exchange experiences. We go to Jazzklubb, House of Jazz & Soul, Improvisations Göteborg, Musikcentrum Väst etc

In Falun, IMPRA Nord operates through Viktoria Forsman and Isabell Gustafsson-Ny Ung Jazz Forum and Falu Jazzfest together with partners. March 2nd!

In 2015 we also want to start planning IMPRA's tenth anniversary in 2016!!

Do you have ideas? Contact

SAVE THE DATE::: The annual meeting is set for April 18 in Stockholm! (Location to be announced later)
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