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IMPRA turns 10 YEARS!

We want to celebrate this with a festival on December 10 at 3-10 pm in the Auditorium and Auditorium's foyer at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm.

Concerts with:

Monica Dominique's Hammond organ trio DLB,

The swing band "Who's your Mama",

Lindha Kallerdahl and Anna Lund's new duo and Maria Kvist's trio with a the monumental IMPRA RELAY with a pearl band of our foremost jazz/improv singers and wind players.

In addition, panel discussions, mingling & bubbles and DJ Elena Wolay aka Jazz Is Dangerous in the foyer!

Free entrance to the foyer,

Tickets to the concerts cost

SEK 100 full price and

SEK 50 student/pens/IMPRA member

Arr. is carried out with the support of the Längmanska cultural fund and STIM's promotion committee.
The autumn season at Klubb Kom In!

The entire concert program and other information is now available at ! New for the fall is that two out of three evenings we will be at FOLK at Järntorget. WELCOME!
Welcome to Impra's member meeting!
The first of many hits. This time we meet to meet each other and see who we are who are in Impra, make good contacts and talk about what we want to do at the upcoming meetings in the autumn - maybe you have an idea for a lecture or topic that you want to we will talk about?
We will meet before the Klubb Kom In concert when the fantastic Nuaia and Ellen Arkbro will play, of course Kom In offers tickets to the members who attend the meeting.
The meeting is held by Impra's chairman Anna Lundqvist and is free.
Anna Högberg Attack!

Check out this incredible band - Anna Högberg Attack!
Anna Högberg Attack!

Check out this incredible band - Anna Högberg Attack!


New year to look forward to!

We hope that you join IMPRA's journey towards new goals and that you are a member! You are a member, right?

We are an association with non-profit working musicians who either sit on the board or work around. Sometimes we get support, sometimes not.

We need your support to continue making sure the music industry is moving in the right direction. Thanks! Look under the BECOME A MEMBER tab for more info.

We have also drawn new guidelines for the IMPRA list. It has been deleted and will be updated again this spring, then only with members. We will also bring up, at the request of the clubs, a new page called Band to book. There we post a sound sample/video, link and short information about the band. Also for members only.

The jazz clubs asked us to do it to make it easier for them when it comes to new bands on the market. Of course we want to make it easier for them! And you!

So stay tuned! Sign up! For questions about IMPRA and membership, the list and the Band to book page, email

This spring we are awarding IMPRA gold, for 2015. Right now we are compiling the nominees and then an external working group will select the winner who will be crowned at the Jazz Parliament later this spring.

Read more under IMPRA gold.

See you!

Anna Lundqvist

chairman of IMPRA
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