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Now we finally release the program for Spring 2018, with this we want to open the gates for a magnificent Lupino year!
Lupino Live hereby invites you to the second concert of the spring. We are very pleased to present two excellent duo acts this evening; Finn Loxbo/Karin Johansson and
Firelight. We will hold the evening in honor at Rönnells Antikvariat. A warm welcome!
Sounds of prepared strings from piano and steel-string acoustic guitar meet and mix beyond recognition with elements of electronics, accordion and small indefinable objects. Improvisations in profoundly changing sound environments, music in the spaces between.
Finn Loxbo also plays in bands such as Doglife, Strändernas Svall and in duos with, among others, Anders Vestergaard and Lisa Ullén.
Karin Johansson plays with Ord, Jonny Wartel 4 and Lisen Rylander Löve duo.
Karin Johansson - piano, accordion
Finn Loxbo - guitar, electronics
Photo: Lars Jönsson
The duo Eldsken was formed in autumn 2003 in a powerful meeting between the guitarist Mattias Windemo and the singer Frida Augustsson. They move in an improvisational landscape with influences from both jazz, pop and wise where both stillness and movement meet. The group has previously released two acclaimed albums, i stjärntimman and the hearts journey.
Mattias Windemo - guitar
Frida Augustsson - voice
Doors 19:00, music 19:15
Entrance: adult SEK 100, student/impra member SEK 50
The venue/event is at ground level, there are no thresholds and level differences directly adjacent to the stage. Wheelchair spaces are available. Parking for the disabled is available next to the entrance. A simple wheelchair ramp is available if needed. The toilet is not accessible, there is no hearing loop.
For further questions about availability email
With the support of Stockholm County Council, the City of Stockholm and Swedish Jazz
Lupino Live 31/5: Pombo and Hearth
☼ ☀ ☁☼ ☀ ☁☼ ☀ ☁☼ ☀ ☁☼ ☀ ☁

Welcome to the jazz and improvisation club Lupino Live's bombastic spring finale at Teaterstudio Lederman. We are extremely happy to present the bands Hearth and Pombo this evening.
The winner of IMPRA GOLD 2017
Big congratulations to Jazz in Halmstad, who last week received the 2017 Impra Gold!

The distribution took place during Jazzfesten 2018.

It is clear that Jazz in Halmstad has an awareness that permeates all stages of its operations. In both the board, media profile and concert operations themselves, there is a well-thought-out common thread that breathes freshness and openness. This together with the important fact that Jazz in Halmstad actually implements and achieves its ambitious gender equality goals makes them worthy recipients of the IMPRA GOLD 2017 award.

Photo: Tommy Jonzon
Klubb Kom In 23/5: Successful premiere night!

We in the new organizing group for Klubb Kom In are very pleased with our first club night! On 23/5 Konflikten and Andersson Runevad Duo played and together with a great audience it was a fantastic atmosphere!

We are now planning the upcoming club night - stay tuned!

We are so proud to present the Fall 2018 lineup for Lupino Live!
Lupino Live: Aki Takase/Han Bennink & Hello Louli

Welcome to the jazz and improvisation club Lupino Live's fantastic autumn opening at Teaterstudio Lederman. We are extremely happy that this evening we can present a duo with the giants Aki Takase and Han Bennink as well as the Swedish/Norwegian/French group Hello Louli! Internationally worse!
Club Get In: Zukie + Synneva = Magic!

We are so pleased with our latest Klubb Kom In evening at the Folkteatern. Together with a nice audience, we experienced the fantastic Synneva Gjelland and Zukie Fioxu on stage, who shared their innermost feelings with us.

We in the organizing group are planning the coming evening, see you again soon!

A warm welcome to another Lupino Live evening with international guests. We are very happy that, in collaboration with Stockholm Jazzfestival, we can present a double concert with none other than SPACEMUSIC ENSEMBLE and MILLER'S TALE!

Sprilla's new work "Spacemusic 2" is performed by a tagged ensemble. Spacemusic Ensemble is a new ensemble led by Signe Emmeluth who also composes the music. The group varies in size and composition and this time the Spacemusic Ensemble consists of some of Norway's leading young voices in improvisational music, pop and jazz. The work "Spacemusic 2" is based on the combination of acoustic and electronic sounds and the integration of text. There is a focus on how composition and improvisation can enrich each other and make room for the voice of the individual musician. The work will be performed for the first time in October 2018.

Rohey Taalah (GURLS) – Voice
Andreas Winther (Megalodon Collective) – drums, synth
Karl Bjorå (Yes Deer) – guitar, no-input mixer
Heida Karine Johannesdottir Mobeck (Scrap) – tuba, effects
Anja Lauvdal (Scrap) – piano, synth
Signe Emmeluth (KING) – saxophone, no-input mixer, composition



For this group, it all started in 2015 when saxophone giant Evan Parker invited Sylvie Courvoisier, Ikue Mori and Mark Feldman to perform during his residency at The Stone in New York. This was a meeting that, to say the least, added flavor. Almost exactly a year later, these four musicians gathered for an open recording session in Yonkers. There they recorded nine completely improvised pieces that became the album "Miller's Tale". Parker, Courvoisier, Ikue and Feldman shape music through friction, contrast and sudden swings. It is a process with its own dynamics and which contains a distinct beauty where unexpected deviations can suddenly open to magical moments. The nine pieces offer plenty of moments where the musicians' ability to interact is developed and this is pleasantly passed on to the listeners.

Sylvie Courvoisier – piano
Mark Feldman – violin
Evan Parker – saxophone
Ikue Mori – electronics


Concert starts 16:00, doors 15:30
SEK 120 regular / SEK 80 county member/student/impra member
For ticket reservations email

Very good accessibility to the concert hall, bar and toilets. Door opener, disabled parking, disabled toilet, approx. 10 wheelchair spaces. No thresholds between the rooms.
No animals, peanuts for sale or green plants on the premises.
No hearing loop or audio interpreter equipment.

Link to event on Facebook:


With the support of Stockholm County Council, Stockholm City, Swedish Jazz.
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