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IMPRA member meeting

Welcome to IMPRA's first member meeting for 2020!
We kick off the Impra year with a cozy hangout at the Reimersholme Hotel. The evening offers a lecture by the gender scientist, musician and former Impra chairman Sara Karkkonen, as well as an opportunity to meet new and old Impra friends, listen to music and just have a good time together.
The Reimerholme Hotel keeps both bar and restaurant open from 5 pm, where you can provide yourself with good food at good prices made by their fantastic chef Maikel Gonzalez.
Free entrance!
Of course open both to those who are already members, and to those who are eager to find out more about Impra's operations.
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Booking code "IMPRA20" gives a 10% discount on all room rates throughout 2020 when booking via their website
Hope to see you there! ❤
IMPRA evening #2 in Malmoe
IMPRA evening IN Malmö #2
IMPRA invites you to yet another member meeting at Poeten på Hörnet in Malmö. Come and meet members and musicians, for an equal musical life!
It will be offered:
*MINGEL - opportunity to ask questions and become a member on the spot!
Michala Østergaard-Nielsen - drums and percussion and Laura Toxværd - sax
*HAT JAM - Write your name on a note and put it in the golden hat! We draw duos/trios who get to improvise on stage.
*COFFEE BUFFET - a rich selection of cakes for a nice sum.
Bring: INSTRUMENTS for Hattjam!
Date: Thursday 27 February
Time: 19:00 - 22:00
Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 65 B, near Triangeln Malmö
Free entrance.
Read more about Impra:
In collaboration with Poeten på hörnet and ABF
IMPRA digital meeting
Welcome to a digital networking meeting on December 6!
After months of pandemic, we are now meeting in new circumstances online to reflect on the equality work in the world of jazz and improvisation during the current situation.
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