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Kari Sjöstrand

Saxophonist & composer
Stockholm & Gävleborg

Kari Sjöstrand has worked full-time as a musician since the early 80s and is self-taught on her instruments except for a couple of years at Birkagården's folk high school in Stockholm, but the real school has been all the many projects she has been involved in, often as a leader.

Kari Sjöstrand has released 6 albums of her own music, 5 of which on her label Karisma Musik.
"Invitation" in 2007, "Helt Enkelt" in 2013, "Frost Blossom" in 2017, "The Deal" in 2019 and "Gå dit du vill" in 2019. "Needle Eye" with the group TALK and Kari's music came out in 2011 on Quica Records.

Kari Sjöstrand plays tenor and soprano sax, flute, clarinets and sings, preferably in Swedish. In addition to composing, she also writes texts that can be heard, e.g. on the disc "Go where you want".
Kari Sjöstrand moved from Stockholm to Hälsingland 20 years ago and plays there with folk musicians, she plays a lot in the USA and two of her albums were recorded in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Current projects

Go where you want

REMEMBER Hälsingland

Sjöstrand Christensen duo



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