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Matilda Andersson

Vocalist, composer & producer

Matilda Andersson (1990) is a vocalist and composer based in Gothenburg with roots from the mining town of Tranemo. She has trained in music at the Billström Folk High School's music department and the Fridhem Folk High School's jazz musician's department, as well as part-time studies at the University of Stage and Music in Gothenburg and the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. In addition to them, she has also been further educated in cultural entrepreneurship at the Brewhouse Incubator and the Cultural Academy in Gothenburg. Matilda Andersson is active in Gothenburg.

Matilda is a versatile singer and performer who

moves seamlessly from traditional jazz, to chamber music and free improvisation, to pop. She mainly works in contemporary jazz with the groups Fartyg 6 and Olimpias Orkan, but has also managed and performed with groups such as Whirl Orchestra, Fyr. and LODA, as well as several improv groups. She has toured actively in Sweden and internationally, including Japan and India, and played at various venues and events such as Nefertiti Jazzclub, Nordic Jazz Comets in Paris, Oslo Jazz Festival, Pustervik, EFG London Jazz Festival.

The discography extends to the next 7 albums with the groups Fartyg 6 (TBA 2021, Allt faller 2018 and Den Första 2016), Olimpias Orkan (Sefir 2019), Fyr. (A four-fold live 2017 and Fyr. 2016) and Whirl Orchestra (Live at Pustervik 2014). The majority released on own collective indie label PACAYA records. She has also participated in other artists' works by e.g. Farewell, Kristina Issa and Xenia Kriisin. For two periods she has worked at the Visby International Center for Composers and there collaborated/participated in the works of several electroacoustic composers; including the award-winning album "Interferences" by Mirjam Tally. In addition to her own performance, she runs the Culture Association PULS and the jazz club Klubb Impuls since 2014 and is back there after a break in 2017-2020.

Current projects

Ship 6

Olympia's Hurricane

Club Impulse


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