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Ellen Fagerström


Hello! My name is Ellen and this year I have the honor of sitting as chairman of Popkollo IMPRA. I come from Malmö and study jazz singing at Folkhögskola. I myself have attended Popkollo several times and am committed to ensuring that more young people experience the pep and joy that I have so far only found at Popkollo!

Sofia Fallberg Omar


Hello! My name is Sofia Fallberg Omar and I am secretary in Popkollo IMPRA. Right now I'm studying to become a political scientist with a specialization in psychology. My interest in jazz was awakened during high school and after that I have attended a folk high school specializing in jazz singing. Now I sing jazz in my spare time and want to commit myself to an equal jazz scene through Popkollo IMPRA. R&B, jazz and Swedish pop are my genre and oysters are my favorite snack!

Liselotte Boustedt


Hello! My name is Liselotte and I am treasurer for Popkollos Impra's board. Outside of Popkollo IMPRA, I am currently studying to become a subject teacher in music with a focus on jazz and instruments/ensemble in Stockholm. Helping others to dare and strengthen their self-confidence in music is something I think is important, especially because I have a lot of experience of having felt wrong myself and not daring to take a place with my music and that is a big part of why I got involved me in Popkollo IMPRA. Apart from the music part of my life, I like to skate, eat potato buns and spend time with animals!




Hello! My name is Tilde and I am a member of Popkollo IMPRA. I grew up in Sundsvall but have also lived in Stockholm and in Härjedalen, has studied jazz singing at folk high school level and thinks that improvisational music is among the finest things on this earth! Therefore, it feels extra important to fight to create space for young girls and non-men in this magical genre and community. Outside of music, I enjoy picking berries, small talk and swimming!
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